Mould - petal for iris


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Mould - petal for use with  zefir foam , foamiran and silk foam. 

Ideal for making petals and leaves. 

Size: 9x11cm.

It is a one piece mould.

Form made of durable polymer .

It gives you the ability to reflect texture the petal as well as is like  a petal template. You do not need to use othe template or craft die to cut the shape.

Using the mould you can create flowers and leaf even closer to the real ones. .


Silk foam - cut the desired shape and size with silk foam. Put to the mould and press firmly with fingers.

Foamiran foam (one of the ways) Cut the desired shape and size with foam. Use an iron or heater to heat up.

Heat foam toghether with mould for a few seconds then quickly put the foam with molud to the sponge and press  Press for 2-3 seconds, wait a moment until it cools and carefully remove.


Before use, it should be cleaned with a damp cloth, just wipe with a moistened handkerchief. Form best kept folded. This will prolong their viability. After finishing work, remove any material or paint residue using a damp cloth. You can wash in warm water with a mild detergent.